1st Quarter 2018 Offers Major Pluses for Home Sellers

First quarter 2018 may have just produced near perfect conditions in the real estate climate. How so? Well, interest rates are holding, since going up slightly in December. Also, the resilient stock market had a healthy correction. Then, it bounced back nicely. Combined with a strong economy and robust real estate trends, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s … Read More

55 Plus Bridgewater Viera

Viera, Florida just keeps on growing with upscale, suburban homes. Also, we see that exciting fact play out right now, in a new, master planned enclave. We see that in an area, where you find plenty of recent, Viera West real estate. In fact, with an ideal location, 55 plus Bridgewater Viera hosts some of the hottest Florida real estate … Read More

Brevard County Home Sellers Pay Less Than 5 Percent Commission

Brevard County Home Sellers Pay Less Than 5% Commission

If you live anywhere in Brevard County, Florida, you stand to save plenty of money, while gaining top notch service and results. You can plan on that, if you are selling your home. Although, you won’t find such an ideal solution offered by most real estate services. Instead, you may only find it at Brevard County Realty. In fact, they … Read More

New Viera West Homes in Valencia at Addison Village

Not only do you find new Viera West homes in Valencia at Addison Village, but you find them in one of the newest neighborhoods. Also, Viera West keeps growing more attractive and popular with fine additions like Valencia. In fact, Addison Village is a ‘new kid on the block’ in Viera West subdivisions. As a result, it’s where you are … Read More

Find Great Deals on Viera West FL Homes For Sale

The master-planned community of Viera, Florida has to be the hottest place to live right now, on the Space Coast. Also, Viera covers a prime area between the towns of Rockledge and Melbourne. Although, it shares zip codes associated with both towns, it’s a self-contained, residential suburb all its own. In fact, it comes defined in 2 main regions, Viera … Read More

Brevard County Home Sellers Sense Success on 2018 Real Estate Winds

Things may have gotten a lot colder in some parts of Florida, but the real estate market hasn’t cooled down by any stretch. At least, that’s true for Brevard County real estate. In fact, there are lots of great finds in Brevard County homes for sale, accompanied by a peak in buyer interest. Also, 2018 market forecasts already have strong … Read More

Home Sellers Celebrate the New Year With Low Commission Rates

Happy New Year Brevard County Home Sellers

Happy New Year everyone! In Brevard County, we think there’s a lot to celebrate and a lot to be thankful for. Although, we want to offer something more for home sellers out there right now. In fact, it lets home sellers celebrate the new year with low commission rates, some of the lowest around. Also, Brevard County Realty offers these … Read More

New Year Brevard County Home Seller Cost Savings

Home sellers across the country may be asking a few questions. They may be wondering how well the new year, 2018 will ring in a robust sellers market. Well, in Brevard County real estate, there’s no way sellers need to ponder that question. In fact, indicators show that 2018 has a lot of positives lined up for the residential real … Read More

Brevard County Home Buyer Planning During the Holidays Makes Sense

Brevard County Home Buyer Planning During the Holidays

If you read the last Brevard County Realty blog post, you know it covered buying a home during the holidays. It pointed to why that makes a lot of sense. Although, if not buying during the holidays, they can make for a great time to plan on buying soon. In fact, with the many real estate resources more available now, … Read More

What Makes Buying a Home During the Holidays a Smart Move

Buying a Home During the Holidays a Smart Move

Many of us tend to think of the holiday season as being a bad time overall to buy a home. Although, to that I’d just say, ‘not so fast’. It’s true that a lot of factors seem to indicate it’s not the best time to buy. At the same time, there are a number of compelling reasons it can be … Read More